NIVEA Global Brand Campaign


A new purpose for NIVEA - forging a new socially conscious future for the brand. "Care for Human Touch" inspires and educates around the world.



The Story

Human touch is vital for us in our development and social interaction and key to a happier and fulfilled life. By raising awareness and championing the power of human touch, NIVEA can make a real, positive change in the world, whilst giving the importance of skin and skincare a totally new dimension.

Together with Steve McCurry – one of the most iconic and awarded reportage photographers of the last thirty years – we created globally relatable stories that redefine the brand, emotionally and visually. Forging a new approach to how the brand looks, speaks to and interacts with consumers.


The Work

“The most convincing and unanimously positive result we’ve seen in 25 years of global market research.” We gave NIVEA an authentic touch of empathy. Simultaneously elevating it to become a brand with a real, actionable ethical mission whilst building a new authentic look – modernizing the communication for years to come.


All visuals shown are behind the scene images from the Steve McCurry shoot (Fotographer: Jana Otte)

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